Information on Animal Health Certficates and taking your pets abroad.

Information on Animal Health Certficates and taking your pets abroad.

Travelling to the EU with your Pet Dog or Cat

Pet dogs and cats travelling to the EU and Northern Ireland for non-commercial reasons now need an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) completed, within the 10 days before travel. This certificate allows for up to 4 months of travel within the EU and return to the UK. Up to 5 animals can travel using the same certificate.

To obtain this certificate, the dog or cat needs to be microchipped and have an up-to-date rabies vaccination, which must have been given at least 21 days before the completion of the AHC.

For further details please see:

With any further specific questions you can contact:   or telephone:  0370 2411710

Current EU passport

If your dog or cat has a current EU passport with a valid rabies vaccination, issued in an EU country (so not the UK, even before Brexit), then this may still be valid for travel to the EU and back to the UK. However, from January 2021, UK vets can no longer enter Rabies vaccinations into an EU passport.

Tapeworm Treatment

If travelling to Northern Ireland, Ireland, Finland, Norway or Malta and when returning to the UK, dogs must be given a tapeworm treatment by a veterinary surgeon. This must be recorded on the valid AHC and needs to be done between 24-120 hours (1-5 days) prior entry into the country or the before return to the UK.

Parasite Protection

There are different parasite and disease risks within the EU, particularly in Eastern and Southern Europe. Specific parasite, tick and fly treatments may be recommended. If you wish to consider preventative treatments, please discuss this with us prior to travel and for further information the following map can be helpful:


Obtaining an AHC for travel to the EU and Northern Ireland from Rowly House Vet and Newdigate House Vet


1) Ensure you dog has a microchip and an up-to-date Rabies Vaccination, given at least 3 weeks before travel.

Please contact the practice to book an appointment for a Rabies Vaccination or if you are unsure if your dog has a valid vaccination.


2) Please complete the following information and return to the practice at least 2 weeks before travel. Hard copy forms are also available from the practice.

Date of travel: ________________

Place and Country of Entry into the EU (eg Calais, France): _______________________

Are you returning to the UK in less than 4 months?:      Yes        No

Which EU countries will you travel through/to: __________________________________

Name of owner: ____________________________

(Owner needs to be travelling with the dog/cat AND present at appointment to collect the AHC)

Owner’s Address: ___________________________________________________________


Owner’s telephone number (mobile): ___________________________

Dog or Cat’s Name: ___________________

Dog or Cat’s sex (male or female): _________________

Dog or Cat’s breed: _____________________________

Dog or Cat’s colour (basic colours eg brown): ________________________

Dog or Cat’s date of birth: ______________________

Please add the same details for additional dogs/cats.


Proof of Rabies Vaccination provided with this form:    Yes *


*Please provide your proof of up-to-date Rabies vaccination (given more than 3 weeks before travel) and hand this into the practice with this form. This is normally in the form a vaccination card, where the rabies vaccine has been entered by a vet. PLEASE CONTACT THE PRACTICE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS OR ARE UNSURE.


3) Book an appointment for the signing and collection of the AHC within the 10 days prior to travel.

This needs to be with one of our Official Vets: Alyson Bayly or Kate Simpson.

The named owner who is travelling with animal(s) and named on the AHC must be present and bring the animal(s) to this appointment.

It may be better to have this appointment in the region of 3-7 days (rather than 9-10 days) prior to travel, in case of any travel delays.

A 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking.



Travel consultation at the clinic :                               £46.00

Animal Health Certificate First animal:                    £126.00 (£36 for each additional animal)

Rabies vaccination if required:                                    £80.85


Many thanks, from the Rowly and Newdigate House Vet team.


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