Firework Night

Bonfire night signals the start of the main fireworks season with Christmas and New Year celebrations following on close behind. Although great to watch, fireworks are very frightening and stressful for many of our beloved pets. The distress your pet goes through, caused by the flashes and bangs, may present itself in various ways. Things like shivering, restlessness, chewing, vomiting and hiding are common.

Here are some simple tips to help your pet this season:

  • Give them hiding places – provide comfortable, safe hiding places or dens around your home.
  • Keep them inside – close cat flaps or doors as pets can be more stressed if outside with fireworks
  • Keep them company – don’t leave pets alone in the house as having you around will make them feel more comfortable
  • Protect them – microchip your pet so you can be reunited incase they are frightened and they escape outside
  • Daytime walks – walk dogs during the day when fireworks are less likely¬† to be set off
  • Reduce noise – close windows and curtains to muffle noise. Turning on the TV or the radio can help drown out outside noise
  • Leave cats alone – trying to pick them up may be more stressful for them
  • Stay calm – help your pet stay calm by keeping your behaviour calm
  • Keep litter trays clean – ensure cats have access to clean litter trays



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