Dear All,

Once again my apologies for the bulk email the details of which will soon be available on our website. As the Coronavirus situation continue to progress I thought I would outline for you how our services will change to work within the governments Tier system. I hope that this clarity will reassure you that we will be hear to care for your pets and also enable you to plan any routine care going forwards.

Tier 1:

Mobile and clinic services will continue as they have been with visits being risk assessed for Covid safety and clinic visits enabling one family member in the waiting room at anyone time. We are still unable to allow clients in the consultation room due to social distancing measures and masks must be worn and hands sanitised on entry to the clinic.

Tier 2:

We will no longer be able to carry out routine mobile consultations (boosters , health checks nail clips etc) to our House Vet clients in these areas. All house visits will be risk assessed and consultations must be carried out outside.

Clinic services will remain as Tier 1

Tier 3:

All house visits will be suspended unless required for animal welfare concerns and euthanasia. These will be discussed on an individual basis.

Clinic services will be guided by any changes advised by the RCVS and the BVA. We will however resume car park consulting where all clients will be asked to remain in their vehicles or outside. We will however do our best minimise stress to you and your pet so in difficult situations we will discuss this on a case by case basis.

Thank you very much for your understanding during this turbulent time. I would encourage you to think ahead with regards your pets preventative health care and if it is due imminently and a house visit is essential for you please do contact us earlier rather than later to make a plan.

Best wishes

Alyson Hardman MRCVS

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