Dear All,

PLEASE READ as the situation around us is changing very rapidly I felt the need to contact all of you to set out how we intend to maintain our service to you and your pets during this time. All our decisions regarding the clinic are guided by the RCVS and the BVA with the best interests of our patients, our staff and public health in mind.


  1. We are suspending all routine and non urgent work, This means we cannot see your pet for annual vaccination, neutering, routine health checks, nail clips, weight consultations etc.
  2. If your pet is unwell you MUST CALL THE CLINIC FIRST you will be triaged and if appropriate an appointment made for you either at the clinic or at home depending on your situation.
  3. Medication: please make sure if your pet is on longterm medication that you have a 3 months supply. Please give us 5 days notice with prescriptions. Please CALL THE CLINIC to arrange a time to collect your medication.
  4. When you attend the clinic: Please only one family member is to attend the clinic with your pet. PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR and a member of staff will come to you.
  5. House visits: These will only be available if the welfare of an animal is at risk or for a vunerable person who has an unwell pet and it is unsafe for them to attend the clinic.
  6. Medication and food deliveries: If you are in an at risk or vunerable group we can arrange doorstep deliveries of your medication and pet food.
I understand that these are scary times but please rest assured we are taking these measures to enable us to continue to care for unwell pets. We will be experiencing challenges with our members of staff becoming ill and those responsible for caring for children but we also have a wider responsiblilty to support Social distancing and do our part to control the spread of this virus.
If you have access to social media I would encourage you to follow either The House Vet or Rowly House Vet pages where further updates will be posted.
I also anticipate that as this situation escalates we may need to take further measures where your calls may be fielded by staff working from home and vets will only attend the clinic to deal with emergencies.
Please help us to provide the care you will need and please be patient as we work our hardest to ensure we can care for your pets at this unprecedented time.
Many thanks
Alyson Hardman MRCVS


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